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Learning the Game or Making a Swing Change

If you are new to the game of golf and just starting or have been playing for years and begin to take lessons improvement take time. Most players think that a few lessons will get them on the way to playing much better. What we must realize is that any change in a motor skill does not happen quickly.

We can think about this as if we were farmers growing corn. First we have to till the soil and plant the seed. This is much like our first lesson or beginning a swing change of some kind.  Then The farmer tends to the crop daily. Watering and making sure the fields are doing well. During this time for more than a few weeks he sees no changes in growth. This is just like your golf game. It is important to tend to your game just like the farmer tends to his field at this stage. This means doing your drills and practicing your swing change your coach has given you in your last lesson. This is a frustrating time. We won’t see results immediately. But just like the farmer e have to have faith and continue to tend to our drills. After about two or three weeks we start to see some improvement. But when we play our scores don’t reflect the work we have put in quite yet. This is when many go back to the old way they swung before the change. Now they are back peddling. This makes it harder because now you are stuck between the two and feel like your game is worse. The key is to be patient and continue to do your drills daily. Soon you will see solid shots begin to happen more often when you play. This is like when the farmers crops begin to grow and he continues to tend to the crop. He would love to harvest at this point but knows that the crops are not fully mature yet. So he continues to watch over them and in a few more months he is ready to harvest.


Your swing change is just like this. More and more by the three month mark the positive results will show up more and more. The quality of shots become better and happen more often.

The key here to remember is that on average it takes three months to start to own any swing change. This is how long it takes  for the human mind to build a pathway and produce a new motor skill.

This is why I always tell new students that three months of lessons is how long I have found it takes for the majority of players to really improve. After that it is important to continue to maintain this change and continue to improve.

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