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A Look at Tiger’s Driver Swing Coming Back

Tiger is back working on his game and is now graduated to the driver from full shots and pitch shots.In this article we will take a look at some of the positions to Tiger is in throughout his swing. We will make note of these positions to show how efficient his swing still Is even after a long layoff.

Here we see Tiger on the beginning of his backswing. Notice the face is slightly closed and even with his hands not behind them. This helps Tiger keep the club in front of him and will allow him to deliver it from the inside which we can see in the next photo. The other thing to notice is that the club and his arms are centered in front of his core. This is a great one piece takeaway that will keep the arms and upper torso in sync.

Here in the next photo we see that the club head it inside his hands. Not passed his hands were stuck way behind. This is a great position to be in at this point of the downswing. When the club is parallel to the ground notice also that the face is slightly closed at this point. But not tremendously only about 2°. This allow Tiger to have the inside path into impact as long as his body or “workhorse” delivers the club.

This next photo is just passed impact. Notice how the shift is pointing right down the target line. The club is also directly in front of tiger his arms are not out racing his body and everything is connected. The Club face is square and this is a pure release. Notice to have the arms are extended down to the target line. Also with this point the hips are about 45° open. The shoulders are only slightly open to the target. Way to shift it to the front heal and the back heel is well off the ground by this point. This shows transfer in ground force pressures to the lead foot.

As we look at the finish Tigers Is in perfect balance with the majority of his weight resting on his left heel. He is up on his right toe and his right shoulder is facing the target. This is a nice full balance finish and a great way to be at the end of your swing so take a look at these little motions and emulate them eventually they will happen naturally and your swing as long as you were in balance and control and not swinging outside of your wheelhouse.

These are all keys that can help you in your swing. They are things that want to happen in order for you to have the best chance at solid ball striking.

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