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How to Lower Your Score Quickly

We all want to shoot lower scores. In order to do that you will have to improve many aspects of your game. If you want to break 100 you have to improve your ball striking. Of course that is obvious but how can you do that? First is making sure you are taking a divot after the ball. It is common sense that if you hit the ground before the ball the result will be less then desirable. There are drills you can do to improve this dynamic in your game. The line drill is a drill I use not only for my high handicap players but also for single digit players. This will help you strike the ball higher on the face and have better stopping power into the greens.The further you can move the bottom of your swing arc in front of the ball the lower your scores. The optimal is four inches in front of the center of the ball. Most players who can’t break 100 are bottoming out their swing about a inch or two behind the ball. This leads to fat and or thin shots to avoid hitting the ground. We have to hit the ground in order to strike the ball in the center of the club face.

Here is a drill that I give all of my students no matter what level player they are. This is something you will always work on even after you break 80!


If you you want to break 90 then you have to improve inside 100 yards. Being able to recover from a missed green and get down in two shots you have to get close to the hole on your approach shots inside 100 yards

You also have to drop more putts when you do hit greens  most players at this level are between 20 to 40 feet from the hole on their approach shots when they do hit the green. Working on distance control from outside of 40 feet will lower your average putts per round and also help eliminate three putts. The sooner you get this down the faster you will be shooting in the 80’s. Most players are happy shooting somewhere in the 80’s and feel that they can play with any level player and not feel like they are holding up play or slowing anyone down.

Below is a lag drill to help you control distance on the green and get closer to the hole on those long putts. If you can eliminate here putts your scores will drop and your level of enjoyment will go up.


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