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Off Season Practice is a Must

This game is tough enough to make headway for most players. Taking a long break only makes it tougher when you return. So it is a good idea to not only work on your game but try to play in a simulator or get out of town for a few days and head south. The later is tough to do for most of us but if it is at all possible then take advantage. If you are stuck in cold weather the entire winter then look around the area for an indoor alternative. An indoor range or simulator is a good way to get some swings in and also get solid feedback on distances and trajectory. You can also pick up a small launch monitor that can at the least give you distance. There are more than a few companies that offer these at some where around $150.00 They are great to use in the garage while hitting into a net. Make sure you keep the putter hot also by putting at home with a phantom cup. Just cut a four inch circle out of paper and lay it down to putt to. If the ball stops or roll over it consider it in. That is as long as it goes a minimum of a foot past after it rolls over. Do drills and plenty of stretching. Keep those golf muscles in shape and flexible so when you do get to the range your keep the percentages down on injuries. Remember that the best players get that way by working on their game year round. Keeping their swing in shape and always checking the fundamentals. This keeps everything about your game close to the best it can be. Lessons during the off season are also a big plus. This give you time to work on drills and fine tune positions. Drills can help build muscle memory and ingrain that motion closer to perfection. As long as you never put your sticks away for the winter your upcoming season will get off to a great start and give your the chance to make big changes or maintain the parts that are working. If you are in the Limerick Pa area stop into GolfUSA on ridge pike for year round practice and fitting.

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