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Oh My Aching Back!


Players with a back problem or older players do not get to a full finish trying to protect their back. They also hit the ball left and feel if they make a full turn it will lead to a hooked shot. {If this sounds like you then keep reading.}  They then stay on their back foot through impact and swing more with their arms and upper body. This leads to shots left along with fat and thin shots.
This also stops the hips from rotating fully to a finish. This can not only lead to back problems but also to poor shots. To prevent this from happening the lower body has to be the initiator of the downswing. Starting to downswing from the ground up and shifting the weight to the front foot at impact will help. At the finish all of your weight shift must end up on your front leg. Many good lefts have back problems. Some of the best players in the world have been sidelined due to back issues. As we get older this can become more of a problem for sure. We lose flexibility and are more prone to injuries. But there is a way to prevent injuries to your lower back and it is easier then you think. So many players swing predominantly with their upper body. That is the arms and shoulders. They leave the lower body hanging back. This can cause a reverse “C” position which can cause the muscles in the lower back to be pulled and lead to injury.


In order to relieve lower back problems the player Should be balanced on your front leg. The back foot should be up on the toe allowing the hips to fully rotate to a finish. Upper body should be posted over the front leg in a balanced finish.


This player is posted over the front my leg and his back foot is up on the toe. There is no leaning back and his shoulder is facing the target. I know you feel that you might be too old or not flexible enough to do this. It is more than likely that your stance is too wide which will restrict to lower body and not allow you to get to a full finish. Narrow your stance a little and you will find it is much easier to shift your weight on the downswing and get to a nice solid balanced finish. You will still have plenty of power and hit those shots closer to your intended target. Along with that your back will thank you for it. You will also play the back nine better due to less fatigue.

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