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Are you Playing the Correct Tees to Really Enjoy Your Game?


Golf is a difficult game and even more difficult when we try to hit shots we are incapable of. Like trying to hit a shot with an eight iron that should be hit with a 6 iron. I am always amused when other players ask me what club I hit when I knock it close on a par three. The truth is it do not matter which club I hit. The better question is what club would you hit for the distance and conditions you are facing at this moment. If I were playing with Dustin Johnson I would never ask him what club he is hitting. Because I am not capable of hitting the distance he hits. My game has nothing to do with his. Same as yours has nothing to do with the players you are with. Even if you hit the same distances you might not hit the same type of shot that the other players hit. The key is knowing your own game and playing to your strengths. There are many great players in history who got that way pay playing their own game. Sticking to their plan and not taking risks that had a very low percentage of success. I work with many senior players who refuse to play the game that is in their game right now. They are still trying to play the game they did ten years ago. Or even last year but have had some issues with health or strength. That’s because of maybe others that they play with also refuse to maybe play at a correct yardage. So they continue to play from a yardage that only leaves them with a chance to make bogie at best. Then they wonder why they are frustrated and unhappy with their scores.



When we go to most courses there are several tee boxes. The reason is so each player can play from the correct distance for their ability level. Now they can compete and score better along with enjoy the game more. So many players think that they must play the tees they played when they were younger or they are giving up. They are not being a real man. This is not true. We all age and they is not much we can do but try to stay in the best shape possible. Many players don’t do that. They just think that their games will be the same as years go by. They know it is not true but refuse to do something about it because of many reason. Some might be health. They may get injured even more if they try to exercise and build strength. Some are just lazy and like to complain. The truth is there is no shame in moving up to a shorter yardage to enjoy the game more now that you are older. I know you are saying “My foursome can still play from the mens tees so I feel I have to or they will make fun of me.” Let’s face it we all age at different rates. It is part of life. It is not a fun part of life. It also makes your game now not be as fun as it use to be in years gone past. So just for fun make a suggestion to your foursome to move up one tee box. Just to see how low you can shoot. If anyone protests ask bet them they can shot five shots better then their average score from the tees they are playing now. Challenge them and see what happens. I bet if they move up they might shoot one or two shots better than normal or they might soot worse because they are putting pressure on themselves to shoot a lower score. Both you and your partners will find they enjoy playing much more and will shoot better score overall. Golf is a game we are suppose to enjoy and have fun with. Not beat ourself up over. Give it a try and if all else fails you can go back to your old ways. Anything we can do to make the game fun and still play within the rules is our right as golfers who love this game and want to enjoy it for as long as we can.

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