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Points to Check in Your Golf Swing

Many players video tape their swing when they practice. They go back and look at it to check different points throughout their swing. As a golf coach I have seen thousands of swings over the last twenty years that I have been teaching. There are many points of the swing to look at but here are just four points in the down swing that you can check that can help you improve your impact and build consistency. I have found that with modern technology we can video our swings at high speed and then review it and see many of these points without any blur of the club. If you use your phone most will have a slow motion setting that is around 240 fps. This works great for capturing your swing on video and looking at it paused in different positions. Below is the four points that you can check and try to achieve in your swing.


When your lead arm is parallel to the ground on the down swing as here in the first segment the shaft wants to be at a 90 degree angle to the lead arm or less than 90 degrees. This will show that the body is pulling the arms along as the core moves towards the target.

At impact we want to see the rear heel beginning to come up off the ground. This is a result of the hips rotating out if the way as the players turns into impact.
The lead arm and the shaft now line up just past impact. There is a flat lead wrist at impact to stabilize the club face.

In the next point the arms arm extended and in front of the players torso. The head is rotating towards the target which allow the torso to move forward and around helping the hips and torso stay in sync with each other.

At the finish the player has the majority of their pressure into their front foot and the back foot is up on it’s toe. The right shoulder is facing the target and the shoulders are level. This shows a full release through impact to a balanced finish. Get these parts correct and you will begin to see straighter drives and begin hitting more fairways and greens.

The key here to remember is you at not trying to hit these specific point. They will happen on their own if you are swinging in balance and using your core or as we call it here at Impact Zone Golf your workhorse to deliver the club rather than your shoulders and hands. You hands do hit but will feel much more passive then active when this sequence is correct.  If you would like for me to take a look at your swing in person or online email me at bsheridan@impactzonegolf.com
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