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Pre-round Preparations

Many recreational golfers arrive at the course and check in then drive out to the range and hit a few wedges ,7 irons and a few Drives then with a few minutes before their tee time roll a few putts. There are many who don’t even give themselves enough time before they tee off to even roll a few putts. They just go right to the starter and then tee off. In order for us to give ourselves the best chance to shoot our best scores we need more time to prepare for our round. Unfortunately many of us don’t have enough time to do so. Life is busy in this day and age and most of us are lucky to have time to play once a week.

The next time you play give yourself an least an hour before you tee off to adequately prepare to play your best golf.

To start with warm up with stretching exercises to get the blood flowing and warm up those muscles to prevent injuries.

Next head to the putting green and get a feel for the pace and speed of the greens that day.  This is starting out small then working our way up to eventually full shots. Then roll some lag putting from as far as 40 feet then 20 feet if possible. This will be needed sometime during your round because most of us aren’t hitting our approach shot inside of 10 feet on every hole.
This entire process should take about 10-15 minutes.

Now proceed to the short game area if there is one and hit a few bump and run chip shots along with a few forced carry flop shots. If you have the option hit a few sand shots too at this time. Again this will take about 10-15 minutes.


You can now go to the range and hit a few half wedges and full wedge shots. Move next to what ever club you are normally hitting for you second shot into Par 4 holes. For most of us it’s a 7 or 8 iron. Now hit a few Drivers to finish up the prep work before heading to the starter shed and teeing off. This will also now only be a short time until you are on the first tee hitting a driver. Many players do the opposite and go to the range first. Then to the putting green last. Now it has been a good 15-20 minutes since they hit a driver. You will find that you are now much better prepared to play your best and will not feel hurried. This not only helps with preventing injuries it also helps your overall tempo and temperament starting your round.  This gives you the best opportunity to play your best and enjoy your round. Remember that adequate time to prepare is a must if you want to play your best. If you have to skip over the short game because the facility doesn’t have one or lack of time then make sure you are doing the other things mentioned.


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