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Preparing to Play a Round of Golf

Most of us who play golf once a week get to the course about a half hour before our tee time. We check in and get around 10 minuets to warm up maybe hit a few balls on the range. Then quick to the putting green to roll a few putts then off to the 1st tee.  Now we have to hit a driver and it has been fifteen minutes since we hit a driver. We are also feeling a little fast paced trying to get our warm up in before the round. Now we get to the tee and we are still in a fast pace. We jab it off the tee and miss the fairway. Not a good way to start your round.

I have found that if possible, give yourself more time before your round. Get there between an hour to hour and a half before your check in and take your time. Start out on the putting green. Roll a few putts and get the feel for the speed. Roll some ten footers then roll some thirty foot and forty foot putt. This should take about ten to fifteen minutes. Also a few three foot putts. Now wander over to the green with a bunker and chip a few shots out of the rough.Then go into the bunker and hit three or four shots. One short ,one long and a few medium distance. Also a few out high and a few low that run.  Now you can head over to the range and begin hitting some full shots. You now have about twenty minutes till your expected on the tee. So now hit a few wedges and move through your bag. Finish with your Driver and then off to the first tee. Now it has only been a few minutes since you hit the same club you are about to tee off with.  You will also feel more relaxed and ready for a good round. This will not only make perfect sense because we start with putts and then move to chips and then the swing continue to get bigger. This is a way to warm up slowly. This also effects your tempo. All players have a better tempo when they are relaxed and taking their time. Rather than feeling rushed. The more you rush the more out of sync your golf swing will become.

If you don’t have that much to then consolidate and hit less shots and skip the bunker shots. Give this a try the next time you play and I promise you will be pleased with the results.

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