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Preston Combs Interview 82

                     Preston Combs Interview 82
Preston Combs headshot Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Preston’s professional teaching and playing experience allows students to prioritize areas of improvement, play their best golf, and achieve their goals.

As a 5 Simple Keys Director of Instruction, students seeking help in the full swing will be able to identify the single “Key” to hitting better shots and shooting lower scores. The results through 5 Simple Keys are measurable, achievable, and verifiable.

On the greens, Preston helps players make more putts using AimPoint Express, the World’s #1 Green Reading system. AimPoint adds an element of predictability to green reading, an area of the game at which players formerly guessed. Now you can accurately predict slope, break, and get ready to #makeeverything!

Preston teaches out of Metedeconk National Golf Club in Jackson, New Jersey which was named a Top 50 Private Practice Facility in the US according to Golf Range Association.

For information about improvement session availability, please contact Preston via his web site.




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