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Are You Putting Where You Aim?


Starting your putt online to your intended target is one of if not the most important things you can do to improve your putting. The most important things in Putting is aim and speed. Many of the top players on both the PGA and LPGA Tours know that getting your ball started down its intended line gives them the best opportunity to drop that ball in the hole. One of the first things you can do it to take a ruler like a yardstick and set your ball at the end of the stick and make putts down the center of the yardstick. Depending on your face at Impact you will keep the ball rolling down the entire yardstick or it will roll off the right or left side before it reaches the end of the stick. If it roll off the left then your putter face was closed to your intended line at the time of impact. If it roll off the right edge the face was open at Impact. You will begin to see quickly where your normal miss is.

This exercise is a great way to fine tune your touch and to learn to keep the face square to your line at impact. I recommend doing this drill on a regular basis as a check on your stoke. This will also help you begin to better recognize if your aiming where you think you are. When you use a yardstick you can then square the leading edge of your putter to the lines on the stick. This let’s you truly know if the face is square at address. The beauty of this is you can do this exercise on the green or anywhere that you can lay down a yardstick on a level surface. The more you do this the more you will improve your Impact and improve where your putts start. 93%of where the face is aiming dictates where the putt will go. Of course speed also plays a huge role in dropping putts. But getting the face square and actually putting where you aim is the first step in dropping more of those Par and birdie putts.


The best way to truly improve is to do a SAM Putt session and see exactly what your aim is at address and impact along with understanding what your tendencies with tempo ,path, loft and roll are. Also is the putter your using right now the best for the type of stroke your make? If you live near Naples then you can give us a call 239-236-5536 and schedule your putting assessment. If not then check in your area for a Golf Professional that offers SAM Putt sessions.

Bernard Sheridan is the Putting Expert for Impact Zone Golf and a certified SAM Puut Level 2 coach

4 Elements putting coach , Putting Zone certified coach, Eye line certified putting coach

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