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Quick Fixes Won’t Last


So many players are looking for a quick fix for their game. The problem with a quick fix is it is a band aid. You would never use a band aid to fix a huge cut. It works great for a scratch but not for a gapping  wound. You slice or duck hook is a gapping wound. A quick fix or band aid might be fine as a quick fix so you can hit the links and not be out of bounds all day. But a few days later you need a fix again. The way to fix a gapping wound is to stitch it up and wait for it to heal. While it is healing you tend to it. Make sure it is clean and has the proper time to get air so it will heal.  Your golf game is the same thing. You have to first get to the root of the problem and this is  diagnosed at impact.  Your condition at impact will allow you to better understand exactly what is happening and why the ball is doing what it’s doing. If we start at impact and then work our way back from there we will find a solution. Once we begin to find a solution we need to do drills to help and green I knew motion to build consistency. This takes time just like it does to heal the world. We have to nurture it we have to do our drills on a daily basis and attend to it just like we would attend to our wound.   Every time the wind will begin to heal and I’ll be a slight score left.  Soon that score will disappear that scar is the emotion that you have ingrained before and now the new nation is starting to sink in. As long as that score is there that new motion is not totally owned by you yet. What’s the score disappears we never know that the woman was ever there. It might pop up once in a while with a little bit of pain but will always be able to get very close to break back to where we were. So remember quickfix is just that. It is a fix that will not last. In order to change  and improve your impact  it takes time and dedication and caring and tending to. That’s how you improve your game and your impact.

If you’d like to improve your impact and give us a call because we can teach you from anywhere on the planet via remote sessions or right at our headquarters in Naples Florida or at the beautiful Tiburon golf club in Naples.   For more information contact impact soon Golf and ask for me Bernard Sheridan and I’ll be more than happy  to help you improve your impact and improve your game and have a lot more fun!

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