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Reaching your Golfing Goals

We all want to improve our golf game to move to the next level. It doesn’t matter if we are a scratch player or 15-20 handicap. We all want to shoot lower scores and become more consistent at our skills. Most players that are higher handicap might play once a week and go to the range once a week in hopes that they will improve. This is not enough to truly improve your skills. It takes commitment and time. It can’t happen over night. First thing you want to do is find a full time golf coach who can assess your swing and help you find what will improve your swing dynamics. This is not your assistant pro in the pro shop. This is the coach who is only on the lesson tee. He or she teaches full time and that is all they do. They have the most experience and see many players on a regular basis. They have fine tuned their coaching skills and can get to the root of the problem that helps you improve. Do your homework and search the web to find the right coach. Check their reviews and or ask around to better players who they would recommend. Next is to interview that coach. Meet them and find out if your personalities mesh. What type of equipment do they use and technology. Are they located close by or do you have to travel. Do they offer online lessons. This way distance won’t be a big of a issue. Do they offer a way to document your progress and send you your lesson plan for each session through a coaching application like Coach Now? This is a program where you coach will post your lesson reviews and videos of golf drills and exercises you can watch over and over at your convenience.  Once you find a coach who you feel comfortable with next is to come up with a game plan to improve the skills that will help you reach your goals.

The first step is defining your goals. Many player don’t really know what their goals are. Most will say they just want to be more consistent. But what they really desire is to shoot lower scores. The fastest way to lower scores is improving your skills inside 100 yards. This is where the rubber hits the road and where the most shots can be saved. You have to hit greens in regulation and if you don’t then you have to have a solid short game to make up for it.  All low handicap players can chip and putt with the best of them. This is the bread and butter to lower scores. So when you practice make inside that 100 yard mark a priority. Spend most of your practice sessions at the club or range working on short game and putting. Spend maybe 20% of your practice time hitting full shots. 60% on pitching and chipping.  20% on putting. Ben Hogan said, “ Want to improve your putting? Hit your approach shots closer to the hole.” He was right. The closer you are on your approach shots the better chance you have of making birdies and pars.

Next is if you want to play more consistent then you have to be consistent with your schedule of practice time. That means planning out times on your calendar for your lessons each week. Also times on the range and times away from the course at home for exercise drills and stretching routines.
Hold yourself to this commitment otherwise you won’t reach your goals.
That means doing something to improve your game each and every day even if it’s only for five to fifteen minutes each day. This is the only way to truly lower your scores. Set a tee time every week to then track your strong and weak points in your scores so you can discuss them with your coach.

Remember improvement takes time and is a long term commitment. The best way to improvement is to start and stick to your plan with the help of your coach.  If your in need of a coach and live near SWFL  call 239-236-5548 for details and pricing. If your not in SWFL we have online lesson alternatives that work great for many of our students.

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