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Should you hit down on irons and up with woods?

We have all heard we have to hit down at the ball with our irons. But when we feel like we are hitting down the result can not be what we want. I see many players hitting fat or thin with this thought  process. 


It is true the an iron is moving in a downward angle of attack at impact. But when we feel like we are hitting down the angle gets too steep. This results in a early release and causes fat or thin shots. It also changes the point where the club enters the ground.

I have found that not only with myself but all of my students get better results when they feel like they are swinging level through the ball.

The feeling of swinging level shallows the angle of attack and produces forward shaft lean at impact. This gets the ball higher on the face and closer to the sweet spot. The result is better compression and spin and the ball flight will be higher due to spin.

The  angle of attack for a 7 iron is 4.3 degrees down. This happens when we feel like we are hitting level through the ball. This will also help the sequencing of our torso and hips through the swing. When we swing level our body unwinds more from the ground up. When we think hit down our hands and shoulders move first which produces the incorrect sequencing and angle of attack. 

This also works great to help better impact for Woods too. Give it a try and see that your ball flight will improve along with distance and accuracy.

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