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Stay Positive and Be a Champion

Zach Open winner 15Three of 2015 majors are complete with one to go. Here is how you can follow in the footsteps of this years champions in your own Major. Both of this years champs work hard at fine tuning their skills. When they practice the work on different types of shots and hit balls from different lies. This will help your game because out on the course you will face many different types of shots that you will need to be prepared for. So when you are practicing try to find different lies to hit form and use every club in your bag. Work also on short game and putting. Become well rounded and always try to increase  your selection of shots. The more you have to choose from the better you can get out of trouble when you need it most. The next big thing is to stay in the game mentally. What both of this year champions did was not get upset when things were not going their way. When they missed a shot they put it behind them and moved on. This is one of the hardest parts of the game. What we have to remember is that bad shots happen ,even to the best of players. The key is that the players who misses the least comes out on top. If you have a few bad drives then try to hit a hybrid off the next par four or an iron. Use the game you brought to the course that day and remember that golf is a game of misses. Be positive in self talk and remind yourself that there are still plenty of shots left in the round that you can take advantage of. Jack Nicklaus would say there are only so many bad shots in a round so once you get them out of the way all that are left are good shots. We all know this is not so but we need to realize that just because we hit a bad shot does not mean we will hit another. Stay positive and remember that it is just a game. Keep your emotions in check and you will come out like a the champ that you really are. We are all champions inside we just have to keep telling ourselves that we can do it and we will.  Zach Johnson came out on top because he worked hard at every part of his game. He continued to take advantage of the breaks when he got them and did not dwell on the poor shots during his rounds. Jordan Spieth just missed making history in the modern age but still came out like the champion he is. He know that it stings to miss history by a shot and there is another major ( The PGA Championship ) right around the corner. As long as he tries his best and sticks to his game plan along with staying positive he will always have another chance.

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