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Swing Styles Differ But What About Impact?

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If we look at top players today and of yesterday we know that most of their swings look different. Each of them have their own style of swing that uniquely fit them. Do to body type or feel they have found a style that they are happy with and produce consistent results at impact. There are instructors who teach swing styles because they have worked for them or for players that they feel dominated on tour. If that swing style fits to your body type and feel then you will benefit from working with that instructor. The other big thing that matters is that they communicate in a matter that is easy for you to understand. If they only teach a style that does not fit you then it is best to work with an instructor that teaches dynamics not just a style. Dynamics at the things that all great players have in common regardless of style. The big one is impact.  All of these major winner have all five dynamics and without them would not have had the success on the PGA Tour. To find out more information about how you can take a lesson and learn the dynamics and Impact Zone instruction please contact Par Breakers Golf Academy. parbreakers@gmail.com 215-518-0435. If you like this information please share it in social media. leave you comment below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Below is a video of some of the top money leaders on the PGA Tour as of Feb.7th 2015.


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