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Mike Duffey Episode 102 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

  Mike Duffey of Penn State joins us for episode 102 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Mike is a expert in biomechanics and instructor at Penn State. Mike teaches in the PGM program along with the Department of Kinesiology. Mike let's us in on understanding how the best golfers produce power and ground force.

Iain Highfield Interview 80

Iain Highfield mental game coach for Bishops Gate Joins us on this weeks episode 80 Iain Highfield’s vision is what drove him to become the Director of Mental Training at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy. Iain believes his passion for educating junior athletes gives him the chance to be the change he wants to

Craig Foster Interview 77

           Craig Foster aka "Dr. DynAlign " joins us for Episode 77 of Breaking Par with Bernard  Sheridan. Craig is the founder of a method that helps you get perfect alignment in putting and chipping. A repeatable and consistent arc stroke can be made when the arms, hands, and golf club move in

Ken Pierce Interview 76

    Ken Pierce the Founder of Golf Gym joins us for Episode 76 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. OUR MISSION Since 1987 it has been our mission to help every golfer build a better, stronger and healthier golf game. We do this by developing the best, high-quality golf-specific fitness equipment and conditioning tools on

John Dunigan Episode 75

    John Dunigan  - I am absolutely committed to being the best golf coach I can possibly be. Through hard work, constant self-assessment, study, and seeking out the world’s foremost experts in: motor learning, coaching, biomechanics and the development of expertise, I will forever push myself to improve my ability to help you play better.

Is there a Golf Hole That Always Gives You Trouble?

                    Many of us play the same golf courses often. It might be a local course that we like or a country club where we are members. There are always a few holes that give us trouble. Every time we on on the hole we shoot

Dom DiJulia Interview 72

                Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 72 with Dom DiJulia Interview. Dom is a Top 100 teacher and has more certifications in golf than almost any other instructor. Dom feels like myself that knowledge is power and uses that knowledge to help all types of golfers who

Ed Bowe Interview 71

Ed Bowe is a Hank Haney certified level PRO4 instructor and previous director of instructor training for ESPN golf schools throughout the country, has provided the very best in golf instruction for more than 15 years. A world class instructor who utilizes state-of-the-art techniques customized to suit each individual golfer, Ed Bowe has earned a

Elizabeth Granahan Interview 70

   Elizabeth Granahan of the G2 Golf Group is our guest on Episode 70 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Elizabeth has been teaching golf for nearly 30 years and has been the recipient of numerous national and regional awards.  Most notably, she is the only woman in the 90+ year history of the Philadelphia Section PGA

Par Breakers introduces e-Learning Program

Par Breakers Golf Academy is now making learning the game of golf easier than ever before. It's new e-learning program will consist of video lessons on a variety of parts of the game. Now players can choose the topic and purchase a video series to learn how to take control of their game that they