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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan 139 Paul Wilson Interview

I have followed Paul Wilson for years. I was always intrigued by his work with the Iron Byron swing machine. Paul joins us to talk about Iron Byron and how he has built his academy around the machine and how it works. Here is some more info about Paul Wilson. Paul turned Pro in 1991.

Jeff Ritter Interview Episode 106 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Jeff Ritter hails from Lancaster Pa. His hard work and dedication has taken him far and now is the lead instructor for Make The Turn at Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach Ca. Jeff has worked hard at his craft and is a inspiration to golfers and instructors alike. His never give up hard working attitude

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 94

Kelly Blake Moran joins us to talk about golf course architecture. What is in the mind of an architect when they layout a course. What are their goals and why do they do what they do. Is it to help players enjoy the course or to torture them. Maybe a little of both. Kelly Blake

Breaking Par 92 Rob Noel Interview

Rob Noel Top 100 teacher joins us for episode 92 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Rob teaches out of Money Hill in Abita Spring Louisiana. Rob offers Fast First swing speed training along with AimPoint putting. Rob has been a golf teaching professional for 28 years. He shares with us how to build speed

In the Beginning – Starting in Golf

If you are new to the game it can not only be confusing but expensive. There is also so much information out there it is hard to know what is right for you. Another big issue will be that every person you know or run into who plays will have some type of advice that

Elizabeth Granahan Interview 70

   Elizabeth Granahan of the G2 Golf Group is our guest on Episode 70 of breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan. Elizabeth has been teaching golf for nearly 30 years and has been the recipient of numerous national and regional awards.  Most notably, she is the only woman in the 90+ year history of the Philadelphia Section PGA

Michael Michaelides Interview Episode 69

Michael Michaelieds is our guest on episode 69 of breaking par with Bernard Sheridan. Michael is the Men's golf coach for LIU Brooklyn Golf program. Michael has a passion for coaching and helping others enjoy the game.Michael has appeared on The Big Break X 2008 and has also competed in the ReMax Long Drive Championships.

Dennis Sales Interview 68

Dennis Sales is one of the top golf instructors in the United States. He has been consistently recognized among the best in New England, where he taught until recently moving to Texas to work with Jon Sinclair at Sinclair’s Golf Training Center at Texas Star. His success can be traced back to his roots growing up in Cumberland, Rhode