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Kalliope Barlis Interview 67

Kalliope Barlis Interview on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 67 Kalliope Barlis played professional golf and is now a Doctor of Acupuncture, NLP Coaching Trainer and Master Practitioner. When she began planning to play golf professionally, she started exploring ways to optimize life and has been doing so ever since. She realized that the

Is Your Swing in Sync?

Time and time again for so many players and instructors a key word is sync. I have been driving this home to my students for over a decade. I feel that the arms and body must work as a unit and many of the best players to ever strike a golf ball made this happen.

Lisa Longball Vlooswyk Interview Breaking Par Podcast

Here is Episode 58 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan golf instruction podcast. Interview with Lisa Longball Vlooswyk. Lisa is a seven time Long Drive Canadian Women's champion. Lisa holds the record for the longest ball ever driven by a Women from Canada. 350 yards two feet ,two inches. What an incredible feet. Lisa speaks

David Leadbetter Interview on Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Podcast

Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Episode 56 . The only weekly golf instruction show on iTunes and Stitcher radio. Our guest this week is David Leadbetter. This is the first interview with David Leadbetter taped the day after Lydia Ko reached the youngest player in history to become Number One on the LPGA Tour. Yesterday

Breaking Par Episode 54 Geoff Mangum – Putting Zone

Welcome to this weeks Episode 54 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Geoff Mangum is the founder of The Putting Zone. Over twenty-five years gaining world's best expertise for coaching putting in golf. Combines comprehensive study of putting with modern neuroscience of perception and movement with anatomy and physiology, motor sports skills development, and physics

What Technology are top instructors using to teach in golf in 2015 ?

E6 Swing Analysis with Flightscope Technology   Swing Guru software in actio                       There is so much technology out there for golf instructors to use during a lesson. Many are now using launch monitors to better understand club path and face