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Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Wayne Watts Interview 84

Wayne Watts Joins us for episode 84 of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Wayne has been teaching for several years and has worked side by side with Lynn Blake for five years. We talk about the swing and how Impact Zone and the Golfing machine can help you get the most out of your game.

Brad Pluth Interview 83 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

TPI Level II, ACE Certified, US Kids Master Instructor In recent years, Brad could be found on the lesson tee at Congressional Country Club, Maryland, The Raven in Arizona, Glen Lake Golf and Practice Center in Minnetonka, Troy Burne Golf Club in Wisconsin,  and Minnetonka Country Club. He was the captain of the Central College

In the Beginning – Starting in Golf

If you are new to the game it can not only be confusing but expensive. There is also so much information out there it is hard to know what is right for you. Another big issue will be that every person you know or run into who plays will have some type of advice that

Preston Combs Interview 82

                     Preston Combs Interview 82 Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Preston's professional teaching and playing experience allows students to prioritize areas of improvement, play their best golf, and achieve their goals. As a 5 Simple Keys Director of Instruction, students seeking help in the full swing

Kevin Smeltz Interview “81” Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan

Kevin Smeltz Director of Golf Bishops Gate Golf Academy Kevin Smeltz Join us on Episode "81" of Breaking Par with Bernard Sheridan Kevin let's us in on his discovery of how elite juniors and top players hit the ball so far. How and when they pour on the power all at the same instant to

Iain Highfield Interview 80

Iain Highfield mental game coach for Bishops Gate Joins us on this weeks episode 80 Iain Highfield’s vision is what drove him to become the Director of Mental Training at the Bishops Gate Golf Academy. Iain believes his passion for educating junior athletes gives him the chance to be the change he wants to

Stay Positive and Be a Champion

Three of 2015 majors are complete with one to go. Here is how you can follow in the footsteps of this years champions in your own Major. Both of this years champs work hard at fine tuning their skills. When they practice the work on different types of shots and hit balls from different lies.

Craig Foster Interview 77

           Craig Foster aka "Dr. DynAlign " joins us for Episode 77 of Breaking Par with Bernard  Sheridan. Craig is the founder of a method that helps you get perfect alignment in putting and chipping. A repeatable and consistent arc stroke can be made when the arms, hands, and golf club move in

John Dunigan Episode 75

    John Dunigan  - I am absolutely committed to being the best golf coach I can possibly be. Through hard work, constant self-assessment, study, and seeking out the world’s foremost experts in: motor learning, coaching, biomechanics and the development of expertise, I will forever push myself to improve my ability to help you play better.

Is your posture affecting your Game?

                Posture is a fundamental. The problem is most players think they are in good posture when their posture looks like the photo on the right. What I have found for 99% of the players who come to me for lessons and players that I see on the