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Think of the Golf Swing Like a Train

I am the type of instructor who like to use metaphors to get my point across. I believe that metaphors help players relate the swing to things they are familiar with. This make whatever we are working on easier to grasp and execute. I see most of the players that come to me have problem

Get to The Core of Your Swing Problems

The best players in the world and throughout the history of the game had several things in common. What I have noticed during my 15 years teaching this game to players of all levels is this. Between 8 and 4 o'clock in the swing all of the best players had their body and arms moving

Stay Positive and Be a Champion

Three of 2015 majors are complete with one to go. Here is how you can follow in the footsteps of this years champions in your own Major. Both of this years champs work hard at fine tuning their skills. When they practice the work on different types of shots and hit balls from different lies.