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The Shot That Matters Most?

There are many shots that matter in your game. Tee shots, approach shots, chips, putts, bunker shots just to name a few. If we look at stats the best way to lower your score is with your approach shot. That means long,mid and short iron play. After all the closer you get it to the hole on your approach shot the better chance you have of dropping the putt for par or birdie. Ben Hogan said ” The best way to become a better putter is to knock it closer to the hole.” It sure worked for him. Many of us like Mr. Hogan are not the best putters. If we can become better iron players we will hit more greens and get closer for that short putt. Most of us feel better about a short putt and some of us feel even more pressure on those short ones. I believe that the shot you are about to hit is the most important if you want to score your best. If you are thinking about the shot you just hit you are in the past. The past does not allow you to access the shot at hand and free up your body to be fluid and ready. If you are worried about the shot or nervous about the impending outcome then you are in the future. We can’t play our best if we are thinking about what might or might not happen. We need to stay in the present and not worry about the shot we are about to execute. As long as we gather the correct information about the shot and stick to our game plan or pre- shot routine then our chances of success rise dramatically. Once we know what we have to do then we can clear our mind and let the club go. So the next time you hit the links or are working on those skills in your shot making stay in the moment. Because this shot in front of you right now is the most important shot at this moment. It also might mean the difference if making your best score ever. One shot at a time is always the best policy.

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