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Think of the Golf Swing Like a Train

I am the type of instructor who like to use metaphors to get my point across. I believe that metaphors help players relate the swing to things they are familiar with. This make whatever we are working on easier to grasp and execute. I see most of the players that come to me have problem due to the fact that their body is inactive in the swing. They mainly swing with their upper body. That is their shoulders and arms. This lead to all types of swing faults which result in poor ball striking.

I want you to think of your golf Swing as a train. A train has an engine. The engine is the power that pulls cargo down the track to its destination. That cargo can be passenger cars or freight. The one thing that will cause a disaster is if the passenger cars pass the engine. They would have to jump the track in order for this to happen.


If we relate this to the golf swing it is very similar. The core or the entire torso and legs act as the engine of the golf swing. The arms hands and club are the passenger cars or cargo. If they pass the engine or core the ball will be offline. The key to more consistent ball striking and straighter shots is that connection of the arms and core. The core must carry the arms along for the ride. This will give you the best opportunity to square the club at Impact and come from a slightly from an inside path. This will help you feel that effortless power that can only be attended by using your core to deliver the club through Impact. If you look at the photo above of Tiger Woods you can see how the club and his hands are still in line with his core. It is that connection that lead to the best shots. The core is the great equalizer. 

Another great example is Zach Johnson. He is a very core orientated swinger and always delivers the club with his body not his hands. Using the hands add to many moving parts. Letting the hands be passive and allowing them to be carried by the core breeds consistency. Especially under pressure. The big muscles of the body have less moving parts. This does not mean the hands are dead. But having this feeling will allow the hands to be more reactive rather than active. Less moving parts have less error when the pressure is on. From chipping to pitch and full swing the core is the engine to control accuracy and distance with less effort.


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