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Tiger Woods New Coach is Chris Como Bio mechanics Master

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Tiger Woods has made his decision to work with another young phenom in golf. Chris Como is one of the brightest young instructors in the industry and his scientific back round in bio mechanics studying with Dr.Young-Hoo Kwon both shown above( photo top left) at Texas Women’s University in Denton Texas is proof of his interest outside of traditional teaching methods. As a golf instructor myself and one who embraces new technology this is a triumph in the new ways that the golf instruction industry is moving towards. There is a select group of instructors who are seeking the truth about what really happens in the golf swing. Chris Como and Dr. Young-Hoo Kwon are among the leaders of this group. With bright scientific minds along with the passion of the game they seek the ultimate ways to improve how the game is taught. To wash away the mystery and once and for all let the world know how to optimize their personal swing. The key word here is personal. So many instructors teach a method or style of swing. One plane, two plane, stack and tilt, core rotation, swing connection. All of these are fine methods but not for every player. A personal swing is just that. Chris Como is one of the guys who teaches a personal swing based on how the body functions. More than that he will work with Tiger in a quest to perfection in how Tiger’s 39 year old body works best right now. Not how it worked before his injuries. That’s where bio-mechanics play a huge roll in the quest. Chris Como is in process to his masters in this subject and knows that is the fastest way to get to the root of the problem. Protect the players health and build them a swing that is best for them. Here at Par Breakers Golf Academy we take the same approach when it comes to bio-mechanics and test all of our clients to find where they should swing (swing plane) along with finding their perfect grip, stance, posture and set up.There are few who understand this method as well as Chris Como. His study in this area has been with the top minds such as Dr.Young-Hoo Kwon , Mike Adams along with top instructors in the industry like David Leadbetter who is not as versed in bio mechanics but has worked with some of the best players on both the PGA and LPGA tours.Our best to Chris Como and his new student Tiger Woods in their quest to Tiger’s comeback and return to chase Jack’s major record.

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