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Understanding Feedback and Feel

To get the most out of your shot making you need to hit the sweet spot. This is where you will get the biggest bang in distance and control over your shots. Golf is getting more and more technical but it is a game of feel. We need to know through feel where we are striking the ball on the club face. There are many ways to find this out. One is using stickers that you place on the face and it will show where you make contact. The only problem is that you have to replace the sticker time and time again. I use simple spray foot powder and spray a light coat on the face of the club. I then have my students strike balls and we look at the results. But before we do I ask them where they think the strike was on the face. Was it more towards the heel ,toe ,low high, or center on the sweet spot. We then look to check if they are correct. This little exercise will help you fine tune getting the ball on the sweet spot more often. Give it a try and see how it works. This is also great in the off season to find where you are at impact. You can then spray the face again to continue to fine tune your feel for perfect impact. I find a small can will last for quite a while. This works great for every club in your bag , image-1including your putter.


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