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Use Your Core for Accuracy



Here we see in the photo above I am hitting a pitch shot at the camera with my hands directly in front of his core after impact on a pitch shot.This is so very important to keep the ball online and to become consistent in distance control. What we must realize is that if our hands and arms are the driver of the swing it is very hard to control distance and do it the same way time after time. I try to get all of my students to use the core as the main driver of power. Also using the core to deliver the club into impact. This produces more lag and the core muscles are much stronger than the arms. This will stabilize the power because the stronger muscles of the core can move slow or fast and still keep the club on plane. This also helps keep the lower and upper body in sync with the arms. Now the arms are following where the core takes them. Now when our feel and touch are a little bit off on some days this will minimize mistakes. Work on my core rotation warm up drill below to help you activate your core or workhorse to be the driver of the club rather than just arms and hands. You will begin to see the ball stay online much more and as you get use to it your distance control will improve. Another player who is core driven is Zach Johnson. This is a big reason why he is so good inside of 100 yards.
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