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Want to make a swing change?

Everyone wants more consistency in their game. Depending on how long you have played you have developed habits or tendencies in your swing. These tendencies are the reason you swing the way you do. If you have a tendency to come over the top and hit weak fades then it took some time to ingrain that motion. The best way to ingrain a new tendency is to do drills without a ball. This will help change the path of the club and allow your body to feel the proper motion to change your shot pattern. Do whatever drill you need to for a minimum of three to for minutes. Then introduce a ball and let it get in the way. This will not be a instant fix for your golf game. That is because the habits you have now have taken time to become who you are at this moment. There have been studies done on breaking old habit and creating new ones. It has been proven that it takes a minimum of 21 days before we can begin to see a change. That is 3 weeks every day doing the drill that will help get to where you desire. This will only be the start on ingraining that new motion. Within another 21 days it will then become more of what you do without trying. It takes time to make a change. It cannot happen in one session. Many pampers get frustrated because they don’t see instant results. So of us are fortunate to see improvement quickly but the majority have to work on it for that 21 day time frame before we begin to see some progress. This is why if you can do the drill without a ball the frustration level won’t be as high. There is nothing more frustrating than hitting balls and not seeing results. So remember to be patient and diligent about doing that drill every day. Even if it is only for a few minutes. Before you know it you will start to reap the benefits of your efforts. Remember that habits take time to form as well as break. Put in the time and you will see the results. It is just like anything else in your life. It takes time to make a change.

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