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Want to Fix Your Slice ?


One of the most common problems for players hitting a driver is a slice. This is the shot that moves away from you to the right for the right handed player and to the left for you lefties. There are many reasons why this happens but the top two are the hands and upper body taking over on the downswing and the players trying to steer the club face or the ball to the target after impact. If the face is in an open position at impact the ball will start to curve. This is frustrating to  say the least and most players feel that they only slice the ball with their driver. The problem is that they lose distance with their irons because the same swing fault that causes the slice is still present with their other clubs. The irons from 5 to wedge have more loft that counter act the open face at impact to some extent and this results in the shot staying more online. So the root of the problem or swing fault must be corrected. If we fix the true root of the problem then the player will see straight longer shots throughout their entire bag. Below is a video that can demo these fault and how to fix them. To take a lesson with Bernard Sheridan contact Par Breakers Golf Academy at 215-518-0435. We offer in person lessons and online video swing analysis through the Golf Channel Swing Fix and Athlete Nation.

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