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What Technology are top instructors using to teach in golf in 2015 ?

E6 Swing Analysis with Flightscope Technology

E6 Swing Analysis with Flightscope Technology



Swing Guru software in action

Swing Guru software in actio












There is so much technology out there for golf instructors to use during a lesson. Many are now using launch monitors to better understand club path and face at impact. How spin effects ball flight and how proper spin numbers can help you get more bang for your buck in drivers and irons. Some of these are Trackman, Flightscope and Foresite. These are the big three when it comes to launch monitors. There are also 3D programs that show the student as an avatar and let the instructor look at their swing from and angle. These are Gears, Swing Guru, AMM, K-Vest, and My Swing one of the newest to the 3D analysis game. There are also weight shift equipment such as swing catalyst along with boditrak and Swing Guru that show ground force and pressure during the swing. There are putting labs that do much of the same for weight shift and club path like Sam Putt Lab ,Tomi . There are also less expensive options for 3D club analysis like 3Bays, Swingbyte and more. All of these products are valuable is in the right hands. Many instructors sometimes over do it with numbers and tech. But most understand that sometimes tech can be over used and can confuse the student. The good instructors use this technology to keep track on the progress their students are making over time and only let the student know when necessary. If you go to get lessons and see all this great technology ask the instructor how much they use it and if it is used in every lesson. How much information is available to you the student and when you are taking a lesson is it all about the tech or is the tech there more for the instructor to get the most out of what the student truly needs to work on to better their swing. Golf is hard enough and the last thing we want to do is make it harder. At Par Breakers Golf Academy we use Flightscope , Swing Guru, along with Tomi and swingbyte and ES12 Classic Launch Monitor. I only talk about it with my students when I need to so I can keep their lesson simple and feel oriented. Remember that on the course we play with feel. So we need to make sure feel is a big part in our lessons and technology is there to back it up for the professional.

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