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What to look for in Summer Golf Camps 2015

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Choosing a golf camp that is right for your child is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. This is a place not only where your child will learn the game and have fun but a place where they can interact with their piers and learn life’s lessons. In order for that to happen it is imperative that they get instruction from  who ever is leading the program directly. Here are a few things to look for when you are choosing a program. Is the director or lead instructor there everyday? Many programs have the lead instructor there for only a few days then the rest of the time campers are supervised by high school or college players who are counselors. That is fine but always make sure that a instructor with the proper credentials is working with the campers on a daily basis. Do the campers get on course play and if so what is the ratio of kids on each hole and are they supervised. Many camps will take their kids to the course and let them play unsupervised. There will be maybe one or two counselors for several groups. The counselors travel the course checking in on the groups throughout the round. This is fine for older students that are over the age of 16. But for younger players it is important that they are supervised for safety reasons. You would be surprised how many programs allow kids to play without a adult being present. Make sure that your kids are with a adult in all phases of the program. Also look at the ratio of campers to adults. That should be 1 to 8 in clinics max and 1 to 4 on the course. That means that every foursome on the course should have an adult present. This is where your child will get the most benefit not only in learning but in safety. Safety should be number one and then fun. Check around your area to see what programs are available and take into account these guidelines just mentioned. Ask questions as to what they are working on through the day. Is there a time that you can come and observe a program in progress. This will give you and your child a chance to see how things go and if the program is right for your child. Next is to make sure that your child wants to be there. As a director of a camp I can tell you from experience that the kids who have the most fun are the one who want to be there. Some parents send their children to a golf camp when there have no interest in  the sport. They feel that if they try it thy will begin to like it . Sometimes this is true and many times it is not. When it is not the child does not enjoy t themselves themselves make it difficult for the others who are there. This is not good for the child or the other kids at the camp. So make sure that your child shows a true interest and then they will have not only more fun but will be more engaged and learn so much more. Next is weather. If there is rain what is the plan for the day. At Par Breakers Golf Camps we have both indoor and outside on the course access. That means that we are never rained out and the campers are not in the sun and heat all day long. That is a big plus because it keep the campers fresh and engaged all day. When they are outside all day the heat can make them lethargic and they lose attention. This is not good for anyone. Make sure if they are outside all day that there are breaks in the action where they can get out of the heat and cool down for a while. These are just a few things to look for when you are choosing a program. If you have any questions or concerns please leave your comments below. I will be happy to answers any questions you may have no matter what program you choose for your child. My goal as a academy owner is to help anyone who shows an interest in the game.  Par Breakers Golf camps are located in Golf USA Limerick Pa.golf usalogo

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