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You Can Add Distance this off Season

Teaching bay golf usaThe off season is a great time to work on getting more distance and checking the numbers indoors. Many of us have an average of 30 degrees for at least two months to deal with. That is not the best conditions to play golf. If you check in your area I am sure that you can find a range or academy that offers indoor practice and lessons during the off season. This can give you the chance to check numbers on a launch monitor and work on your launch numbers to gain a few more yards. In the link I have on the Flightscope site you can view a video that explains what you need to look for when using a launch monitor. 
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Par Breakers Golf Academy located in Golf USA of Limerick Pa. uses Flightscope in our lessons and for students and clients to practice on in season and off season. Once you understand just a few of the numbers you can begin to get results and add yards to your drives and irons. Most players think that speed is the main factor in getting more distance. Speed does add yards but only if the launch angle of the ball is correct. For many Pros the launch angle is much lower because of their high club head speed. For the average player who has a club head speed below 105 MPH a higher launch is needed. This video will show you why and how to make it happen. For any questions please leave your comments below. Happy Holidays and hope you get the most out of this off season!

E6 Swing Analysis with Flightscope Technology

E6 Swing Analysis with Flightscope Technology

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